I am the Lorax, and I speak for the voiceless, for they’re often left out when we debate home choices.

The Lorax

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My neighbor Ted Geisel is fuming once again about the debate regarding more homes. This time it involved not just NIMBYs who don’t want to lose the tree (because it provides shade) and don’t want the tall building (because it provides shade), but it also included a useless City Councilmember who has hired one of these reactionaries to be one of his head staffers.

Ted couldn’t make the meeting, but he wrote in his comment, which is based on the Lorax, who speaks for those who can’t:

I am the Lorax, who speaks for these dwellers

Who don’t get a chance to speak with these NIMBY yellers

Can you please tell me why the process doesn’t consider them

And instead, we just hear voices from the locals who condemn?

If we don’t give space to the ones who are voiceless

We will never build homes and make Seattle more hopeless

Every single day that this project sits in delay,

The locals who condemn it will simply scream “yay”

Again, I am the Lorax, who speaks for the voiceless

For people who seek housing and just want more choices

Its land we have and housing we need

It’s okay to grow housing and not think it’s greed

So please, consider these dwellers who don’t have a voice

Those who would be here tonight if they were given the choice

The city is in crisis, we need to build homes

So, pass this project and ignore the rude tones.

God help us if we delay more homes because someone doesn’t like the ramp location or where someone’s window is. You live in a city, get over it. This site is an empty lot.



push the needle

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