Veiled Voices

One of West Seattle’s young, diverse advocates who has been showing up to council meetings for six months letting us know she’s moving out of Seattle. Last night, she was telling us about why upzones are dangerous. Just move already.

“my neighbor just bought her first house for $750,000 and if this passes a 40-foot tall building can go right next door to her. She never expected that. I’m here for her”

- some NIMBY hero in line

View from Queen Anne before more people showed up to demolish all the trees to build the neighborhood. The whole city was a forest before we got here, so your sanctimonious tree protectionism is quite hypocritical
No wonder they don’t want anything taller than those small houses across from the interstate highway. Check out those views!



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Architectural rambler pining for a more sustainable Seattle. Density advocate | Transit advocate | Family housing advocate | ALUVer | @pushtheneedle (twitter)